Exciting news! The work has begun on Creative Lab and Media Room teams with a devising, calibrating and brainstorming meeting.

Developing a permanent arts hub at Alex House is one of the ways to achieve the objectives of Artists For A Change project, and, for that purpose, it has been assigned a nice and bright upper portion of ‘The Lodge’, one of the many heritage buildings at Alexandra Neighbourhood House. The project is hoping to furnish this space into four independent but interconnected areas: a Creative Lab recording studio, an upgraded presentation/meeting space, a re-purposed Maker’s Room, and an office space for AFAC project.

The meeting was called by Media Room team leader Virginia Gillespie, and it was attended by Steve Chitty, Anita Mirza, Fauzia Rafique, Steve Webster and the Creative Lab team leader Leah Murray.

For the Creative Lab, the next step will be development of requirements, technical specification, proposed budget, and proposed timeline.

If you’re interested in helping with those developments, please use the email link below to tell us — we’d love to hear from you!

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